What Are the risks involved with buying a hub motor physically

What Are the risks involved with buying a hub motor physically

The internet is no longer that location for the most fun activities, it is now some people's means of livelihood. One of the many things you can purchase on the websites is a hub motor. A hub motor is also known as a wheel motor and is the motor put into the wheel hub to directly drive it. This type of device is not always the best to buy on the internet because of specification issues. Also, there is always a case for people scamming people on the internet. However, if you do not buy a hub motor on the internet, you are missing out on some things. Here, we will describe some of the risks involved in buying a hub motor physically.

Getting the wrong product

One of the main reasons for people preferring to buy things off the internet is to get the exact product they want. However, you can be physically present at a location and still miss the right product. When it comes to a hub motor, you need to get the exact measurement of your wheel. If you take a wild guess, you will most likely make a mistake with the size. Also, what you want to buy may not be available, but because of the seller's Persuasion, you have little choice.

Delivery problems

A big advantage buying from the internet gives you is the advantage of delivery. You will not need to bother about not having a truck or a car to help deliver the product. The delivery is the job of the company completely till it gets to your doorstep. If you go physically to buy a hub motor, you will have to sort out deliveries yourself, and in case of damage or misplacement, it's all on you.

Missing out on price discounts

When you buy items physically, you have an opportunity to negotiate better, if there is no fixed price. However, you may not need to go through that stress if you bought it on the internet. Almost naturally, brands reduce prices from time to time. It may be to lure consumers for their products, or they may be running a promotional product. Irrespective of the reason, your main focus is to get a price discount. While online is a lot more rigid with fixed payments, there are more discounts.

Time and effort

A hub motor is not a common commodity like coffee that you will find anywhere. Mostly, you will need to move a long distance before you can find the hub motor. The frustrating thing is you can move in that long distance and still not find a good hub motor. That is why it is never a bad idea to check the internet first before going to buy offline.


Getting scammed online is usually the fault of the buyer's greed or negligence. Getting scammed offline is a worse experience because it is more frustrating. You will have to travel back to the location, and you will most likely not find the person there. We have highlighted some risks involved in buying hub motors offline.